Get Involved

With Curly Me! helping us to Educate, Empower, Encourage our girls!

Hi Future Volunteer,


We are so excited to have you on board to be a volunteer with the Curly Me!. We hope, with your help, we can have a bigger influence on girls of color through events and mentoring to educate, empower and encourage them to be their best selves!

Below you will see some “core values” and expectations we stand by to help those who want to stand along with us in the community by volunteering with our organization. Read through them and if they fall in line with your core values of community involvement, please fill out and return (via email or in person), the attached pages. You can return the pages to any board member.



“When you are volunteering, please step away from the gr up to take calls or text. We want the girls to see that they have our attention when we are with them.”

  • “Showing up to events at the requested time is crucial. We want to be ready BEFORE folks arrive, so we can answer questions and get right to the fun.”
  • “Anything involving disagreements, misunderstandings or questions about specifics (tasks, dates, etc) please contact our volunteer coordinator. We value in person or phone call communication (to decrease miscommunication), but we understand things come up. Please do your best to communicate your thoughts early.”
  • “Please return all items that belong to Curly Me! upon completion of events and/or task.”

“If you find that our core values and expectations align with your life, please keep this page for your records. Fill out and return the remainder of the packet to via email. We look forward to connecting with you, soon!” Stay Curly, Alyssha Dairsow Executive Director of Curly Me!

Volunteer Positions

Below you will find the current positions Curly Me! is looking to fill:

Tabling at events: this position will allow you to help us promote to the community who Curly Me! is, how we got started and upcoming events Tasks included (but not limited to):

  • Informing the public on Curly Me!’s mission
  • Passing out organization’s information
  • Answering questions about the organization
  • Time commitment: up to 10 hours a quarter
  • Notify you of needed presence: at leas 1 (one) week ahead of time

Committee volunteer: below are the committee’s you can volunteer under.
Please follow the link below to fill out the google form for committee volunteers

  • Volunteer Committee
  • Fundraising and Donations
  • Event Planning
  • Media
  • Time committee: varies for each committee
  • Notify you of needed presence: varies for each committee.

Day of event volunteer:  this position is for anyone who just wants to volunteer the day of the event. You would report to our volunteer coordinator to get guidance on what your tasks will be for the day.

  • Tasks included ( but not limited to):
  • Working with children and parents
  • Checking people in
  • Set up, clean up and break down prior, during and ater events
  • Informing the public on Curly Me!’s mission
  • Time commitment 2-3 hours a quarter
  • Notify you of needed presence: at least 1(one) month ahead of time

Board Members: This position is very involved. You will be in close communication with Executive board members. Monday Meeting attendance is every month via online or in person.

  • Tasks include (but not limited to )
  • Notify you of needed presence: We will a year long calendar we will keep to

Vetting process involved with this position. Speak with the Executive Director for more information.



Volunteer Waiver and Release Form